Lively discussion at third event of "An der Wurzel gepackt" 

Researchers from CEPLAS explain climate change and challenges for plant breeding [21/11/2019]

Six members of CEPLAS honored as "Highly Cited Researchers” 

Six members of CEPLAS honored as "Highly Cited Researchers” [21/11/2019]

New strategies to fight bacterial blight disease in rice 

2 new publications in Nature Biotechnology by the team of the "healthy crops project" [29/10/2019]

Open position 

PhD position in Plant Biochemistry [23/10/2019]

Open position 

Postdoctoral position in molecular physiology/cell biology of plant-microbe interactions [09/10/2019]

Apply now for the CEPLAS Graduate School! 

Fully funded PhD programme for young scientists with a bachelor’s degree in biology or related fields [01/10/2019]

Congratulations Prof. Ilka Axmann 

CEPLAS PI Ilka Axmann was appointed to a W2 professorship in Synthetic Microbiology at HHU. [26/09/2019]

CEPLAS@Nacht der Wissenschaft 2019 

Large crowds at this year's "Nacht der Wissenschaft" in Düsseldorf [17/09/2019]

CEPLAS Symposium 2019 

Details for our CEPLAS II kick-off Symposium now online! [17/09/2019]

Open positions  

Two Postdoc positions at the Institute for Quantitative Genetics and Genomics of Plants [19/08/2019]

Open statement on Genome Editing in Plant Science 

Exactly one year after the decision of the European Justice Court, more than 100 European research institutions renewed their call to enable genome… [25/07/2019]


New insights into plant microbiome interaction 

A joint work of several CEPLAS research groups reveals a new component in the camalexin synthesis pathway [17/07/2019]

Planning your next career step? 

Do you plan to apply for a fellowship on an independent research group level? [05/07/2019]

Enhancing the breeding of potatoes 

New research project by CEPLAS member Benjamin Stich [12/06/2019]

Lively discussion at the CEPLAS public event on Glyphosate 

Second event in the context of the public lecture series "An der Wurzel gepackt" [23/05/2019]

Fascination of Plants Day 2019  

Primary school children discover the fascinating world of plants [23/05/2019]

Congratulations Dr. Esther Sundermann 

CEPLAS members Esther successfully defended her PhD thesis! [16/04/2019]

"Smart" flower pots and enthusiastic students 

On this year's Girls' Day female students could try to build a "smart" flower pot with the help of informatics. [05/04/2019]

Ready, Steady, Go 

Cryo-electron microscopy reveals the molecular steps in plant immune receptor activation. Two landmark studies in Science by CEPLAS member Jijie Chai. [04/04/2019]

Congratulations Dr. Sarah Kranz-Finger 

Graduate School member Sarah successfully defended her PhD thesis! [04/04/2019]

Open position 

Join the coordination team! We have an open position for the coordination of our Equal Opportunity and Diversity Program! [27/03/2019]

Open positions 

2 PhD positions and 1 Postdoc position at the Institute for Quantitative Genetics and Genomics of Plants [27/03/2019]

Rice Cultivation: Balance of Phosphorus and Nitrogen Determines Growth and Yield 

CEPLAS cooperates with partners from Beijing to develop new basic knowledge on signalling chains [26/03/2019]

Congratulations Dr. Priyanka Mishra 

Graduate School member Priyanka successfully defended her PhD thesis [22/03/2019]