New publication about regulation of meristem transitions 

Maria von Korff Schmising and former CEPLAS member Jinshun Zhong published a study in the Journal The Plant Cell. [18/11/2021]

Five CEPLAS members honored as "Highly Cited Researchers" 

Congratulations to Wolf Frommer, Ruben Garrido-Oter, Paul Schulze-Lefert, Bart Thomma, Björn Usadel and former member Alice McHardy! [17/11/2021]

Open position 

Position as a Biological technical assistant/ Agricultural technical assistant at the Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf available. [17/11/2021]

CEPLAS Symposium 2021 

CEPLAS members reported on their research and took the opportunity for an exchange with other researchers on the two-day symposium. [16/11/2021]

Second funding phase for SPP 2125 DECRyPT 

Alga Zuccaro coordinates the 24 working groups who have been granted funding from the DFG for the second phase of the SPP. [03/11/2021]

CEPLAS event on "future meat" 

Around 70 interested participants in the online discussion with Urs Niggli, Petra Kluger and Matias Zurbriggen. [01/11/2021]

CEPLAS members in new DFG research group "CSCS" 

Maria von Korff and Rüdiger Simon are part of the new DFG research group 'Cereal Stem Cell Systems'. [27/10/2021]

New publication about regulation of meristems  

New research published by Rüdiger Simon´s team in eLife now uncovers how secreted peptides regulate meristem size and shape. [22/10/2021]

New publication by Martin Lercher 

A new article in PLOS Biology by the group of CEPLAS member Martin Lercher shows how an enzyme's affinity for its substrate can be predicted. [20/10/2021]

CEPLAS scientist in Terra X 

Borjana Arsova from the Root Dynamics Group (FZJ) was interviewed in the ZDF documentary Terra X. [18/10/2021]

W1 professorship for Anna Matuszyńska! 

CEPLAS member Anna Matuszyńska received the nomination to become a W1 professor in Computational Live Sciences at RWTH Aachen. [18/10/2021]

CEPLAS event with Urs Niggli on October 28th 

In an online event a sustainable agriculture without animal farming and alternatives for a meat production with animals will be discussed. [15/10/2021]

New fellowships within the Graduate School 

The CEPLAS Graduate School offers a new PhD program starting in October 2022. Application deadline is November 30, 2021. [14/10/2021]

Pflanzenforschung 4.0 - part three! 

The 3rd part of our science communication project in the frame of the Wissenschaftsjahr 2020|21 - Bioökonomie has just been released! [12/10/2021]

CEPLAS opened lab doors for children 

CEPLAS participated together with the Center for Advanced Imaging (CAi) in the WDR event "Türen auf mit der Maus" on October 3. [05/10/2021]

Open position 

Position as a student/ scientific assistant (f/m/d) at the Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf available. [04/10/2021]

CEPLAS Faces with Martin Lercher 

Martin Lercher (HHU) explains in his interview why the new study program "Quantitative Biology" is radically new and at the same time overdue. [08/09/2021]

"Each day as a scientist is different" 

Postdoc Thomas Perrot (HHU) explains in the new issue of CEPLAS Faces why he appreciates the daily life as a scientist. [02/09/2021]

"Why research on barley can improve not only our beer" 

The new issue of the Planter's Punch from postdoc Edgar Demesa-Arevalo is about barley and its importance as a crop and plant for research. [26/08/2021]

"Coming to Germany was a turning point in my career" 

In CEPLAS Faces On Air Paloma Duran from the Max Planck Institute Cologne gives insights into her life as a scientist. [25/08/2021]

Women Scientists explain their research to the public 

CEPLAS members Alisandra Denton, Adélaïde Raguin and Priyamedha Sengupta joined the Soapbox Science event. [23/08/2021]

CEPLAS Faces with Ute Höcker 

Ute Höcker from the Institute for Plant Sciences (UoC) reveals in our interview why she would have liked to talk to one of the first women in science. [19/08/2021]

"CEPLAS Research Weeks" start on social media 

Over the next weeks CEPLAS scientists will introduce the four Research Areas in short videos and posts on social media. [17/08/2021]

Project "Pflanzenforschung 4.0" 

The second part of our science communication project in the frame of the Wissenschaftsjahr 2020|21 - Bioökonomie has just been released! [06/08/2021]