New publication about regulation of enzyme activities 

CEPLAS member Andreas Weber released a publication in collaboration with the Tokyo Institute of Technology. [02/02/2021]

How to find the gorilla 

Martin Lercher's article about creativity in science is one of the top 100 most discussed scientific papers of 2020. Congratulations! [02/02/2021]

Triple success for CEPLAS Alumna 

Congratulations to CEPLAS Graduate School alumna Anna Sergeeva (Petra Bauer's group, HHU) for completing a triple success. [28/01/2021]

New speaker of CEPLAS Graduate School 

AvH Professor Bart Thomma from the University of Cologne is the new speaker of the CEPLAS Graduate School. [25/01/2021]

Special issue with articles from CEPLAS groups 

The Journal of Experimental Botany published a special issue where the work of several CEPLAS groups is summarized. [21/01/2021]

CEPLAS Faces with Hajira Jabeen 

In CEPLAS Faces Hajira Jabeen reveals which scientist she would like to meet and talks about her biggest challenges in the current pandemic. [20/01/2021]

Planter's Punch from Eliza Loo 

Postdoctoral researcher Eliza Loo tries to understand how much the general public knows about her field of study. [15/01/2021]

New publication on efficiency of maize growth 

Together with a team of HHU researchers CEPLAS member Wolf Frommer released a publication about a phloem loading mechanism in maize. [11/01/2021]

New publication from Bart Thomma 

CEPLAS member Bart Thomma released a publication about a chromatin profile in a fungal plant pathogen in the Journal eLife. [08/01/2021]

Philipp Westhoff in CEPLAS Faces 

In a video Philipp Westhoff reveals, why communication is so important in his job and when he decided to become a scientist. [17/12/2020]

ERC Consolidator Grant for Maria von Korff Schmising 

CEPLAS member Maria von Korff Schmising applied successfully for an ERC Consolidator Grant. [10/12/2020]

Apply now! 

The call for our CEPLAS research internships for undergrad students is open! [10/12/2020]

CEPLAS Faces with Miltos Tsiantis 

CEPLAS member Miltos Tsiantis tells us about two incidents from his life as a researcher that remained in his memory the most. [09/12/2020]

Open position 

Open position as a Doctoral researcher available at the Institute for Population Genetics at Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf. [07/12/2020]

A plant immune receptor: it takes four to tango 

CEPLAS members Jijie Chai, Jane Parker and Paul Schulze-Lefert (MPI) are involved in a study about a plant intracellular immune receptor. [07/12/2020]

New Planter's Punch is out! 

Niklas Jung and Thomas Perrot explain why plant polysaccharids have the potential to improve our health and environment. [25/11/2020]

New publication 

CEPLAS member Maria von Korff Schmising released a publication about flowering and floret fertility. [24/11/2020]

Apply now! 

CEPLAS announces 3 faculty positions at the universities Cologne and Düsseldorf [23/11/2020]

CEPLAS and GSSC have succeeded in acquiring Excellent Research Support Program 

New project joins forces between plant biology and social sciences. [23/11/2020]


In our new issue of CEPLAS Faces Anna Matuszyńska answers our questions in a short video! [18/11/2020]

ERC Synergy Grant 

Congratulations to CEPLAS PIs Wolf Frommer and Rüdiger Simon for their successful application for an ERC Synergy grant! [12/11/2020]

Vidi grant for Wilma van Esse 

CEPLAS Alumna Wilma van Esse lands prestigious five-year vidi grant from The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). [06/11/2020]

Application for Graduate School 

The CEPLAS Graduate School offers a new PhD program starting in October 2020. Application deadline is November 30, 2020. [03/11/2020]

Six questions to Guido Grossmann 

Guido Grossmann is the new head of the Institute for Cell and Interaction Biology at HHU. Read his interview! [23/10/2020]