Tamara Gigolashvili is visiting Ohio State University


Two-month research stay at Prof. Dr. Grotewold lab to foster German and US research activities.

The research of PD Tamara Gigolashvili focuses on transcription control of plant secondary metabolites. In the frame of her Heisenberg project Tamara is interested in the activity of proteins belonging to the MYB-bHLH regulation complex and which are important for glucosinolate biosynthesis. Since May 1st, she is visiting Prof. Dr. Grotewold at Ohio State University. The working group of Prof. Dr. Grotewold is as well interested in the role of the MYB-bHLH complex. However, their particular focus is not on synthesis of glucosinolates, but on the regulation of anthocyanins.
Tamara is aiming to establish a long-term research cooperation with Prof. Dr. Grotewold and thereby linking German and US research activities on MYB-bHLH complexes. With their investigation both groups want to expand the knowledge about the regulation of MYB-bHLH-mediated gene expression within secondary metabolite biosynthesis.

The research stay at Ohio State University is funded by the programme "Network & Exchange – NetEx" of the University of Cologne.

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Foto von Tamara Gigolashvili
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