Sowing of spring barley


The group of Prof. Benjamin Stich has sown approximately 5000 different genotypes at the MPIPZ in Cologne

The research of Prof. Benjamin Stich (Institute for Quantitative Genetics and Genomics of Plants, HHU/MPIPZ) focuses on the inheritance of agronomic important traits in crop plants, e.g. barley or maize. Long-term aim is the prediction of phenotypic performance under various environmental conditions. To attain this goal it is necessary to identify the causes of natural phenotypic variation of crop plants on a molecular level. Therefore it is very important to analyse plants not only in the greenhouse but as well in field trials on a larger scale. In order to ensure that all analysed plants are comparable, sowing is performed with a precision air seeder. This procedure ensures that the sowing depth as well as the distance between seeds and rows is consistent.
Thanks to the good weather at the end of March, the precision air seeder was used for the first time and about 5000 different barley genotyped were sown.

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