CEPLAS member on Arctic expedition


Ellen Oldenburg and Ovidiu Popa from the Institute for Quantitative and Theoretical Biology (HHU) joined an expedition to the Arctic Ocean.

An expedition organized by the Alfred Wegener Institute led the CEPLAS doctoral researcher Ellen Oldenburg, as well as scientist Ovidiu Popa to Arctica. Both joined a group of researchers who, under the leadership of Dr. Torsten Kanzow, had traveled north on the research vessel "Polarstern" for 8 weeks to document changes in the Arctic Ocean. Ellen and Ovidiu are interested in bacteria and algae that live in the sea and will study how they change. To do this, they took water samples from the ocean, which they will now study. On August 31, the two were featured in a WDR television report about the expedition, in which Ovidiu Popa also answered the moderator's questions.

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