Authentic Networking for Women in Academia


CEPLAS is offering a workshop especially designed for women.

It is generally observed that more faculty positions are filled with men than
with women. Apparently one of the reasons is that men tend to be better negotiators, which may help them to acquire a permanent position. Furthermore, women might underestimate the importance of networking. To specifically address the needs of women, CEPLAS is offering a full-day workshop on authentic networking on October 13, which is only open to female scientists (max 15) working within CEPLAS. Covered topics include:

•    Know Your Worth
•    Upgrade Your Body Language
•    Manage First Impressions to Your Advantage
•    Integrate & Harmonize Your Masculine and Feminine Energy
•    Uplevel Your Listening Skills
•    Amplify Your Winning Personality
•    Connect with People
•    Strengthen Your Discipline – Muscle

For more information and registration please click here.

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