Open position

25/05/2021 | Position as Postdoc in genomics and evolution of barley and related grasses (f/m/d) at the Institute for Plant Genetics, HHU, available.

Why plants can grow on earth

21/05/2021 | CEPLAS member Marcel Bucher participated in a study about the plant-fungus partnership,that is published in Science.

CEPLAS at Pint of Science

20/05/2021 | CEPLAS members from Düsseldorf and Cologne gave insights into the fascinating world of plant research at the Pint of Science Festival 2021.

Open position

20/05/2021 | Position as Biological/ Agricultural Technical Assistant at the Institute for Plant Genetics at the Heinrich-Heine University Düsseldorf available.

Transatlantic Tandem Talk is online

18/05/2021 | The Transatlantic Tandem Talk with Alga Zuccaro took place on May 7th. Watch the talk on YouTube and learn how microbes can boost plant performance.

Press briefing on green Genetic Engineering

05/05/2021 | Andreas Weber participated in a press briefing of the Science Media Center on the topic of green Genetic Engineering and ecology.

The active role of bundle sheath cells

04/05/2021 | CEPLAS member Stan Kopriva released a paper together with a group of researchers in the Plant Journal about bundle sheath cells in rice.

Statement on the EC study on new genomic techniques

30/04/2021 | Researchers welcome the EC's assessment on the adaptation of the current GMO legislation

New issue of CEPLAS Faces - On Air

30/04/2021 | In this issue, CEPLAS Graduate School member Jona Ejike answers our questions.

Innovative biotechnology for a sustainable agriculture

23/04/2021 | Together with an international group of authors, Andreas Weber published an article in the Journal "Trends in Plants Science". 

CEPLAS at Girls' Day

22/04/2021 | Wolf Frommer's lab group provided insights into scientific work and careers to female school students. (photo: HHU)

Transatlantic Tandem Talk

22/04/2021 | CEPLAS member Alga Zuccaro speaks at the Transatlantic Tandem Talk about "The Food Fix: Superplants, Microbe Sidekicks and Nutrient Heroes".

Life is sweeter with flowers

21/04/2021 | In a new issue of the Planter's Punch Yohanna Miotto (MPIPZ Cologne) describes the role of sugars as messengers in signal transduction.

How plants attract more nitrogen producing bacteria

12/04/2021 | CEPLAS member Marcel Bucher published together with an international researcher team an article in the Journal Nature Plants.

DFG Third-Party Funding for Götz Hensel

09/04/2021 | In a project with the Kiel University, CEPLAS member Götz Hensel will elucidate the function of the barley WHIRLY1 protein.

Humboldt Research Fellowship

23/03/2021 | CEPLAS member Yohanna Miotto was awarded a Humboldt Research Fellowship. Congratulations!

Yohanna Miotto

Open position

23/03/2021 | Bioinformatics postdoctoral position in the field of plant-microbe interactions at the University of Cologne available.

Vera Göhre at HHumans

19/03/2021 | CEPLAS member Vera Göhre shares her everyday life as a researcher in an interview for the HHU project HHumans.

Expert Hearing on Genome Editing

18/03/2021 | CEPLAS members Maria von Korff Schmising, Andreas Weber und Ulrich Schurr participated as experts in a hearing in the "NRW Landtag".

Training molecular spies

18/03/2021 | In the new issue of the Planter's Punch the postdoc Yuuma Ishikawa from HHU explains how to make the invisible visible.

Promote diversity and protect ecosystems

17/03/2021 | In an article for the "Wissenschaftsjahr 2020/21" CEPLAS members Céline Hönl and Günter Strittmatter write about plant research and bioeconomy.

Céline Hönl nominated as "Heine-Frau"

16/03/2021 | CEPLAS managing coordinator Céline Hönl was awarded for her special commitment in the social and professional context at HHU.

New issue of CEPLAS Faces On Air

11/03/2021 | The CEPLAS Early Career Researcher Svenja Augustin reveals why science communication is so important for her.

New representatives elected

25/02/2021 | Daniel Moser and Ilyse Putz have been elected as PhD representatives, Uriel Urquiza and Adélaïde Raguin as representatives of the CEPLAS Postdocs for...

New Planter's Punch is out!

24/02/2021 | Jia Yu (MPIPZ) describes with illustrative cartoons how plants affect the social life of microorganisms.

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