First Planter's Punch as a podcast

28/02/2023 | CEPLAS doctoral student Ilyse Putz (HHU) talks about her research with perennial grains and their main poster children.

New position

22/02/2023 | New position as a Student Assistant (f/m/d) at the Institute of Molecular Ecophysiology of Plants (HHU) available.

Apply now!

21/02/2023 | The call for our CEPLAS research internships 2023 is now open!!

NRW Minister of Science at CEPLAS

13/02/2023 | CEPLAS members informed the Minister Ina Brandes about the Excellence Cluster and the current research projects.

School class visited CEPLAS lab

06/02/2023 | As a winner of the Carbon Challenge 2022 students of the Geschwister Scholl Gymnasium Düsseldorf performed experiments on photosynthesis.

Congratulations to Stéphane Hacquard!

31/01/2023 | CEPLAS researcher Stéphane Hacquard (MPIPZ) receives highly renowned ERC Consolidator Grant.

Apply for Soapbox Science 2023

26/01/2023 | The local event Soapbox Science Rheinland 2023 will take place on August 5th in Düsseldorf. Applications are open until February 28th.


26/01/2023 | CEPLAS Graduate School member Priyamedha Sengupta successfully defended her PhD thesis! I

How a cowboy hat can convince of botany

25/01/2023 | Leonie Weber (UoC) tells us in a new issue of CEPLAS Faces how a lecturer with a cowboy hat convinced her to study Botany.

On and off: The "molecular switches" of iron allocation

23/01/2023 | Check out our new Planter's Punch by Mary Ngigi on iron allocation

New position

12/01/2023 | New position as Student/ Research Assistant (f/m/d) at the Institute for Plant Genetics at the Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf available.

New faculty position within CEPLAS

11/01/2023 | Ute Armbruster was appointed to the W2 position on "Molecular photosynthesis" at HHU (photo: HHU/ Steffen Köhler).

Guided tour for guest auditors

02/01/2023 | Markus Stetter (UoC) presented the CEPLAS research to guest auditors during a guided tour at the Biocenter in Cologne.

CEPLAS Equal Opportunity Office Report 2023

23/12/2022 | CEPLAS issues an overview of its Equal Opportunity and Diversity measures and updates internal statistics.

New publication on iron uptake

21/12/2022 | Together with a research team at HHU CEPLAS member Petra Bauer reports on how plants protect themselves from oxidative stress during iron uptake.

Peer Power! mentoring program

20/12/2022 | 10 group leaders from different institutions (CEPLAS, MPIPZ, CECAD MPI-AGE and MPI Metabolism) have met for the new peer mentoring program.

How bacteria and plants become friends

19/12/2022 | How can bacteria adapt to a new plant? In a new issue of the Planter's Punch CEPLAS doctoral researcher Niklas Kiel tells us about his research.

Open position

15/12/2022 | Position as a Technical Assistant (f/m/d) at the Institute for Plant Sciences at the University of Cologne available.

The role of membrane proteins as necessary gatekeepers

25/11/2022 | In a new Planter's Punch the doctoral researcher Anastasija Plett (HHU) explains why the characterization of transport proteins is so important.

New Collaborative Research Center at HHU

25/11/2022 | CEPLAS member Michael Feldbrügge (HHU) was successful with his CRC proposal: MibiNet - microbial networking.

Graduate Class 2022 in Portugal

23/11/2022 | The CEPLAS Graduate Class 2022 participates in the one-week course in Oeiras at the Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciencia (IGC).

CEPLAS researcher receives ERC Starting Grant

22/11/2022 | Rubén Garrido Oter (MPIPZ) receives the prestigious Starting Grant from the European Research Council.

Eight CEPLAS members honored as "Highly cited researchers"

16/11/2022 | Congratulations to Jijie Chai, Wolf Frommer, Ruben Garrido-Oter, Stéphane Hacquard, Jane Parker, Paul Schulze-Lefert, Bart Thomma and Björn Usadel

Podcast with Petra Bauer

08/11/2022 | In a podcast produced in cooperation with "keep it grün," Petra Bauer talks about the "iron problem" and how to adapt the garden to it.

New position

08/11/2022 | New Bioinformatics postdoctoral position (f/m/d) at the Institute for Plant Sciences at the University of Cologne available.

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