Pint of Science in pub atmosphere

13/05/2022 | CEPLAS members provided insights into the fascinating world of plant research in the frame of the Pint of Science Festival 2022.

CEPLAS/IPK International Summer School 2022

11/05/2022 | 53 PhDs from 19 countries meet since Monday at the monastery Kloster Steinfeld in the Eifel.

CEPLAS cooperation with IPK

11/05/2022 | In an interview (text and video) Prof. Andreas Graner (IPK) and Prof. Andreas Weber (CEPLAS) speak about the cooperation.

New CEPLAS Postdoc positions

09/05/2022 | The call for our next cohort of CEPLAS postdocs is open. Application deadline is June 06, 2022.

Peer Power!

09/05/2022 | After starting online, the first on-site meeting of the new peer mentoring program for group leaders took place at the Cologne Biocenter last week.

CEPLAS meets industry!

08/05/2022 | CEPLAS PhD student visit Syngenta

CEPLAS Faces with Gunther Döhlemann

04/05/2022 | CEPLAS member Gunther Döhlemann tells us about his main motivation as a scientist and why he had loved to see Freddy Mercury live.

Girl’s Day in CEPLAS lab

29/04/2022 | At this year's Girl's Day, Guido Grossmann gave female students an insight into scientific work.

ERC Advanced Grant for Martin Lercher

28/04/2022 | CEPLAS member Martin Lercher (HHU) has been awarded the ERC Advanced Grant for his work on computer simulations.

New Planter's Punch about friends and foes

27/04/2022 | CEPLAS PhD student Pia Saake (UoC) reports in her Planter's Punch how plants distinguish between beneficial and detrimental microorgansims.

Pint of Science 2022 in Düsseldorf and Cologne

11/04/2022 | Five CEPLAS researchers participate in the international science communication festival "Pint of Science" on May 10th and 11th.

New research facilities for CEPLAS at HHU

08/04/2022 | Yesterday, the groundbreaking ceremony was held for the new PEAC research building, whose grant application was coordinated by Rüdiger Simon.

Sugar thieves in paddy fields

29/03/2022 | For the new Planter's Punch Laura Redzich (HHU) created a vivid comic about the sugar transport in rice plants and how bacteria can manipulate it.

New position

28/03/2022 | Position as a Student/ Research assistant (f/m/d) at the Institute for Synthetic Biology at the Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf available.

CEPLAS Faces on Air with Mary Ngigi

26/03/2022 | CEPLAS PhD Mary Ngigi (HHU) tells us in a video why she decided to become a scientist and why the Soapbox Science event is so important for her.

New CEPLAS representatives

18/03/2022 | Ilyse Putz and Tatiana Stead have been elected as PhD representatives, Jan Buchmann and Anthony Piro as postdoc representatives for the next year.

Poster prize for Pia Saake

10/03/2022 | Congratulations to CEPLAS PhD student Pia Saake (UoC) who won a poster prize at this year's digital VAAM conference.

Potato genome deciphered for the first time

07/03/2022 | A group of researchers coordinated by CEPLAS member Korbinian Schneeberger (LMU/MPIPZ) have for the first time deciphered the highly complex genome of...

New publication on microbiota establishment

24/02/2022 | CEPLAS members Rubén Garrido-Oter and Paloma Duran (MPIPZ) show that terrestrial algae have a microbiota analogous to that of land plants.

CEPLAS Faces with Michael Bonkowski

23/02/2022 | Michael Bonkowski from the Institut of Zoology (UoC) reveals in his interview how his interest in science had already developed in his youth.

How to mimic the mycorrhizal symbiosis

17/02/2022 | The doctoral researcher Svenja Hermanns (UoC) describes in a new issue of the Planter's Punch the nutrient exchange between plants and fungi.

Apply for Soapbox Science 2022

15/02/2022 | The local event Soapbox Science Rhineland will take place on August 6th in Bonn. Applications are open until February 28th.

International CEPLAS/IPK Summer School 2022

14/02/2022 | Registration open for our Summer School on Translational Plant Biodiversity Research

Open position

09/02/2022 | Humboldt Research Fellowship for international postdocs is available at the Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf.

Apply now!

09/02/2022 | The call for our CEPLAS research internships for undergrad students is now open!

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