A story about plants, microbes and iron

21/01/2022 | In the new Planter's Punch Milena Malisic (MPIPZ) tells a story in an illustrativ comic about plant performance under iron-limitation.

CEPLAS Faces with Kumsal Çolpan

13/01/2022 | In a new issue of CEPLAS Faces on Air the PhD Kumsal Çolpan (HHU) speaks about her experiences with Social Media.

New faces of the Grad School class 2021

11/01/2022 | We welcome the new doctoral students of the 2021 class, who have started last October. We introduce all of them in short profiles.

Open position

11/01/2022 | Position as an Field trial technician at the Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf available.

Why we are interested in making and breaking plant cell walls

21/12/2021 | Niklas Gawenda (HHU) reveals in his Planter's Punch why cell walls play a significant role in biofuel production.

Open position

20/12/2021 | Position as an CEPLAS student assistant (f/m/d) at the University of Cologne available.

Graduate Class 2021 in Portugal

20/12/2021 | The CEPLAS Graduate Class 2021 participated in the one-week course in Oeiras at the Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciencia (IGC).

Open position

14/12/2021 | Position as an CEPLAS academic expert in data science at the University of Cologne available.

Society for Plant Breeding invites to conference

14/12/2021 | This year's GPZ conference (Breeding plants for tomorrow’s world – challenges and solutions) takes place at the HHU from March 15th to 17th.

Open position

09/12/2021 | Position as a bioinformatics postdoctoral researcher in the field of plant-microbe interactions at the University of Cologne available.

How a plant pathogen evades immune system

06/12/2021 | In collaboration with a team of Utrecht University CEPLAS member Bart Thomma published a paper about plant microbiome-manipulating effectors.

Application deadline extended

30/11/2021 | The application period for the CEPLAS Graduate School was extended and is now on December 12th, 2021.

A route to high recombinogenic genotypes

24/11/2021 | A new paper published by CEPLAS member Benjamin Stich and his team (HHU) uncovers a new method to identify highly recombinogenic genotypes.

New Planter's Punch is out!

22/11/2021 | Daniel Moser (UoC) describes in a new issue of the Planter's Punch how bacteria might be able to trick the plant.

New publication about regulation of meristem transitions

18/11/2021 | Maria von Korff Schmising and former CEPLAS member Jinshun Zhong published a study in the Journal The Plant Cell.

Five CEPLAS members honored as "Highly Cited Researchers"

17/11/2021 | Congratulations to Wolf Frommer, Ruben Garrido-Oter, Paul Schulze-Lefert, Bart Thomma, Björn Usadel and former member Alice McHardy!

Open position

17/11/2021 | Position as a Biological technical assistant/ Agricultural technical assistant at the Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf available.

CEPLAS Symposium 2021

16/11/2021 | CEPLAS members reported on their research and took the opportunity for an exchange with other researchers on the two-day symposium.

Second funding phase for SPP 2125 DECRyPT

03/11/2021 | Alga Zuccaro coordinates the 24 working groups who have been granted funding from the DFG for the second phase of the SPP.

CEPLAS event on "future meat"

01/11/2021 | Around 70 interested participants in the online discussion with Urs Niggli, Petra Kluger and Matias Zurbriggen.

CEPLAS members in new DFG research group "CSCS"

27/10/2021 | Maria von Korff and Rüdiger Simon are part of the new DFG research group 'Cereal Stem Cell Systems'.

New publication about regulation of meristems

22/10/2021 | New research published by Rüdiger Simon´s team in eLife now uncovers how secreted peptides regulate meristem size and shape.

New publication by Martin Lercher

20/10/2021 | A new article in PLOS Biology by the group of CEPLAS member Martin Lercher shows how an enzyme's affinity for its substrate can be predicted.

CEPLAS scientist in Terra X

18/10/2021 | Borjana Arsova from the Root Dynamics Group (FZJ) was interviewed in the ZDF documentary Terra X.

W1 professorship for Anna Matuszyńska!

18/10/2021 | CEPLAS member Anna Matuszyńska received the nomination to become a W1 professor in Computational Live Sciences at RWTH Aachen.

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