Branch out! Career Day 2022

02/12/2022, 09:00 | Event

MPIPZ, Cologne

Career Day jointly organized by MPIPZ & CEPLAS Postdocs.

Career Day jointly organized by MPIPZ & CEPLAS Postdocs, hybrid event (in person as well as online-participation is possible).

The aim of this event is to expose current MPIPZ and CEPLAS PhD students and post-doctoral researchers to a different range of career paths and give you the opportunity to interact with representative speakers. Academic, industrial, and entrepreneurial careers will be represented by different MPIPZ/CEPLAS Alumni. This way, attendees can get first-hand information of the details of diverse professions, and the necessary steps to reach these professional careers. This will be a full day of panels and individual sessions where attendees can meet one-on-one with the panelists to network, connect, and ask questions. As well, in person attendees will be provided refreshments, lunch, and dinner.

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