Fascination of Plants Day 2019

17/05/2019 | Public Event Event

HHU, Düsseldorf

Get fascinated by plants!

Aim of the „Fascination of Plants Day“ is to fascinate people from all around the world for plant sciences and as well to show them the importance and need of plant research, e.g. for agriculture or for the sustainable production of food and feed. Furthermore plants are of major importance for climate and nature protection. The „Fascination of Plants Day“ is coordinated by the European Plant Sciences Organisation (EPSO). Please see https://plantday18may.org/ for further general information on the Fascination of Plants Day.

CEPLAS and the Institute for Quantitative and Theoretical Biology will organize different workshops, which are adjusted to pupils of the 3rd grade. Topic of the day will be "Plants have superpowers". After an interactive introduction into plant science, we will have a guided tour in the Botanical Garden followed by different experiments in which the pupils can find out on their own how fascinating plants are e.g. that they can glow in the dark!

A report on the last Fascination of Plants Day can be found here.

Heinrich Heine University
University of Cologne
Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research
Forschungszentrum Jülich