CEPLAS Women in Plant Sciences Day 2018

At the CEPLAS Women in Plant Sciences Day you and your female CEPLAS colleagues have the opportunity to participate in three short, interactive workshops about gender-specific communication, successful leadership and resilience. This event is also a platform to exchange and discuss in a comfortable and informal atmosphere.

This event is open to CEPLAS women scientists only.

Registration is open. To register please follow this link.

Workshop contents

Workshop 1: ‘Woman & Man on the Job: For Women in Business or Science’

by Katharina Padleschat, RAUS MIT DER SPRACHE!

Communication between woman and man, verbally or non-verbally, is a consistently important subject, especially in the professional field. Regardless of a woman’s career level – it is helpful that SHE is familiar with male ways of thinking and reacting, and to face up to it. Because: most of the hierarchy and rules in the occupational life are very often determined by men. Efficient communication is always a question of being on eye level, of clarity and empathy – also between men and women. Theoretically, this is well known to every woman – but in reality such as meetings, salary negotiations, making agreements, claiming arrangements and so forth, it sometimes looks differently. Voice and body language very often leave behind a totally different impact as intended. This workshop focuses on the use of voice and body language to increase presence, charisma, sovereignty and self-confidence of women in business or science.

Trainer: Katharina Padleschat, RAUS MIT DER SPRACHE! (www.rausmitdersprache.com).
 Katharina Padleschat studied dance, song and drama in Munich, Berlin and New York. She worked as a choreographer and phonetics coach at different theaters and for television. She is also a professional studio speaker for e.g. commercials or industrial films. Since 2000 Katharina offers training and coaching for voice, speaking, breathing and body language.

Workshop 2: ‘How to Become a Strategic Thinker’

by Dr. Elisabeth Holuscha, Hochschulcoaching

Strategic thinking is one of the most essential skills for successful leadership. Setting clear priorities and defining well-formulated objectives is key to building a fundament for further decision making and personal development. The primary focus is on achieving the goals which can be building or leading a team, defining a research project or planning for the next career steps. This always leads to the principle questions: Where do I want to go, how do I get there and how do I realise that I am already there? Coming up with answers to these questions and transferring them to guide further decisions is a prerequisite for modern and efficient leadership. This workshop will be split to deliver a theoretical background about strategic model thinking and possibilities to put these models into practice.

Trainer: Dr. Elisabeth Holuscha, Hochschulcoaching (www.hochschulcoaching.de). 
Dr. Elisabeth Holuscha has 20 years of working experiences, almost entirely in a leading position at three different public organisations. She has lead and directed four different teams, all related to an international scientific community. She is head of the Center of Excellence Analyses, Studies, Strategy at Project Management Jülich and part of the Hochschulcoaching team.

Workshop 3: ‘Resilience for Scientists’

by Dr. Ben Hartwig, Neuroblitz

When Emmy Werner began her long-term studies with close to 700 children on the Hawaiian island Kauai, she did not know that she would uncover secrets of psychological elasticity. She was surprised to find that about one third of the children, who experienced unfavorable living conditions in their youth, grew up to be happy, confident and successful adults. Resilience literally means to bounce back after experiencing failure, loss of confidence, illness or unhappiness.
Scientists often work on complicated problems in highly stressful environments. It is a challenging task to find a good balance between your family, your career and your social life. Short-term contracts, living apart from your partner and traveling may take additional toll on you. This workshop is designed to help you with your challenges to bounce back to success. On a journey through self-confidence, humor, connection and optimism we will explore your personal tools and resources to turn setbacks into helpful learning experiences.

Trainer: Dr. Ben Hartwig, Neuroblitz (www.neuroblitz.de)
. Ben studied epigenetics in Cologne and works as an actor, trainer and entrepreneur. His passion for science and theater let to his company Neuroblitz® where he creates workshops based on applied improvisation, neuroscience and genetics. He has used this method to support scientists in their careers and their lives.

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