Prof. Dr. Petra Bauer

Research focus

My interest is in the regulation of nutrient uptake and homeostasis in plants. My lab uses iron nutrition responses as experimental system to identify the roles of new genes and proteins involved in the signalling of the iron nutrition status. Upon iron deficiency specific molecular and physiological responses are induced that serve to increase the acquisition and internal mobilization of iron. We have been exploring the genetic and biochemical interactions of transcription factors that control networks of iron-regulated genes mediating uptake and distribution of iron. We have been studying iron transport and homeostasis mechanisms during plant development. We will utilise our knowledge to investigate the differences in nutrient use efficiency in perennials versus annuals.

The five most important publications

  1. Gratz R, Brumbarova T, Ivanov R, Trofimov K, Tunnermann L, Ochoa-Fernandez R, Blomeier T, Meiser J, Weidtkamp-Peters S, Zurbriggen MD, Bauer P (2020) Phospho-mutant activity assays provide evidence for alternative phospho-regulation pathways of the transcription factor FER-LIKE IRON DEFICIENCY-INDUCED TRANSCRIPTION FACTOR. New Phytol 225(1):250-267. doi: 10.1111/nph.16168.
  2. Schwarz B, Azodi CB, Shiu SH, Bauer P (2020) Putative cis-regulatory elements predict iron deficiency responses in Arabidopsis roots. Plant Physiol. doi: 10.1104/pp.19.00760.
  3. Trofimov K, Ivanov R, Eutebach M, Acaroglu B, Mohr I, Bauer P, Brumbarova T (2019) Mobility and localization of the iron deficiency-induced transcription factor bHLH039 change in the presence of FIT. Plant Direct 3(12):e00190. doi: 10.1002/pld3.190.
  4. Khan I, Gratz R, Denezhkin P, Schott-Verdugo SN, Angrand K, Genders L, Basgaran RM, Fink-Straube C, Brumbarova T, Gohlke H, Bauer P, Ivanov R (2019) Calcium-Promoted Interaction between the C2-Domain Protein EHB1 and Metal Transporter IRT1 Inhibits Arabidopsis Iron Acquisition. Plant Physiol 180(3):1564-1581. doi: 10.1104/pp.19.00163.
  5. Gratz R, Manishankar P, Ivanov R, Koster P, Mohr I, Trofimov K, Steinhorst L, Meiser J, Mai HJ, Drerup M, Arendt S, Holtkamp M, Karst U, Kudla J, Bauer P, Brumbarova T (2019) CIPK11-Dependent Phosphorylation Modulates FIT Activity to Promote Arabidopsis Iron Acquisition in Response to Calcium Signaling. Dev Cell 48(5):726-740 e710. doi: 10.1016/j.devcel.2019.01.006.
Prof. Dr. Petra Bauer
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