Jun.- Prof. Dr. Maria Albani

Research focus

My group is interested to study the contribution of axillary and lateral meristems in the perennial life cycle of Arabis alpina. We employ forward and reverse genetic approaches to understand the role of genes that regulate perennial specific traits and contribute to the perennial life strategy. My group has a strong background of the physiology of perennial traits in A. alpina, the regulation of flowering time and its contribution to the perennial life cycle. We are now starting to investigate the role of lateral meristems in perennial traits and potential links with flowering behavior.

The five most important publications

  1. Zhou Y, Gan X, Vinegra de la Torre N, Neumann U, Albani MC (2020) Beyond flowering time: diverse roles of an APETALA2-like transcription factor in shoot architecture and perennial traits. New Phytol n/a(n/a). doi: 10.1111/nph.16839.
  2. Vayssieres A, Mishra P, Roggen A, Neumann U, Ljung K, Albani MC (2020) Vernalization shapes shoot architecture and ensures the maintenance of dormant buds in the perennial Arabis alpina. New Phytol. doi: 10.1111/nph.16470.
  3. Lazaro A, Zhou Y, Giesguth M, Nawaz K, Bergonzi S, Pecinka A, Coupland G, Albani MC (2019) PERPETUAL FLOWERING2 coordinates the vernalization response and perennial flowering in Arabis alpina. J Exp Bot 70(3):949-961. doi: 10.1093/jxb/ery423.
  4. Lazaro A, Obeng-Hinneh E, Albani MC (2018) Extended Vernalization Regulates Inflorescence Fate in Arabis alpina by Stably Silencing PERPETUAL FLOWERING1. Plant Physiol 176(4):2819-2833. doi: 10.1104/pp.17.01754.
  5. Wang R, Farrona S, Vincent C, Joecker A, Schoof H, Turck F, Alonso-Blanco C, Coupland G, Albani MC (2009) PEP1 regulates perennial flowering in Arabis alpina. Nature 459(7245):423-427.
Jun-Prof. Dr. Maria Albani
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